Youth 4H/ARBA discount

The youth are the future of ARBA. I LOVE youth and youth breeders. I was in 4-H throughout my entire childhood. I raised rabbits, sheep and pigs in 4-H as well as FFA. I was also an ARBA youth from ages 9-13. I learned so many life skills by raising and caring for my animals. Raising a 4H project or preparing rabbits for an ARBA show teaches kids responsibility. It teaches them to take pride in how they care for their animals. It promotes a healthy work ethic. It can be a conduit for learning about finances and budgeting. It teaches kids that they can’t always win, and that there’s always something to work towards. I learned countless life lessons through caring for my rabbits.

Me doing 4H showmanship at the county fair. I took 2nd place with my Holland Lop.

Many, many breeders are willing to help out, encourage, and provide discounted prices for ARBA youth/4-H. If you are interested in joining ARBA but you don’t want Mini Lops, there are many other ARBA breeders in Utah that can help you get started with many different breeds. My cousin, Vicki Sleeman, owns Tickle Me Pink Rabbitry in Brigham City, and offers great prices on Holland Lops. She also has a few Netherland Dwarves I believe. Other popular breeds in Utah are Mini Rex, Jersey Woolies, Fuzzy lops, New Zealands, Dutch, and Lionheads, to name a few. There are a few breeders out there that are not willing to help out the youth and are more concerned with making money, but most of us are willing to help out in order to secure the future of ARBA and our breed. There aren’t very many Mini Lop breeders in Utah, and no youth Mini Lop breeders that I am aware of, which is why I am offering the following discount:

I am willing to offer very nice rabbits at discounted prices in order to get a youth involved in ARBA. I will sell any show rabbit for half off to a youth if you agree to show it at an ARBA show or join 4H and show it at your county fair. This discount does not apply to those who are already ARBA members and regularly attend shows.

To learn more about ARBA and getting involved, click on this link, it will take you to their website: ARBA

If you are located in Box Elder county, I am working on getting a rabbit 4-H club set up for the Mantua/Brigham City area kids. Christy Noyes also has a club located in Tremonton that you can find on the 4-H website. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining my 4-H club, it’s open to anyone in the area and will be having weekly meetings beginning in June. Some of our meeting topics will include rabbit breeds and their purposes, tattooing rabbits for the fair, common rabbit illnesses and how to treat them, and much more!