Sales Policy and Available Mini Lops

Please read and understand the sales policy before inquiring about available Mini Lops. If you contact me about rabbits for sale, I will assume you have read this page. 

Deposit: I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold a rabbit for a buyer if they will not be able to pick up the rabbit within a week. A deposit will be refunded only if the rabbit is for some reason unable to leave my barn when agreed or if it dies in my care, which has never happened and hopefully never will. I will only hold a rabbit if a 50% deposit has been made, and it must be picked up within two weeks or at an arranged show. I have a right to refuse sale at any time, and will either refund the deposit or use it to hold a different rabbit (whichever you prefer) if I change my mind about selling one. If you cancel the deposit, you will not be refunded, as I held a rabbit for you when others may have been interested.

Pricing: Our Mini Lops are priced according to show credentials, quality of offspring, type, and potential. Show juniors are usually priced lower, starting at $30, since they are young and sometimes it can be hard to predict how they will show or produce. Generally, the younger a rabbit is, the less it will cost, because the less I will be able to tell about how it will turn out. Senior rabbits that have been shown and are proven will cost more, starting at $50 and up depending on age, litter quality, wins, my own assessment, and need for space. We do offer discounts to youth breeders and those who purchase multiple rabbits.


Pets: A Mini Lop can be a fantastic pet for kids, as well as great for 4H or showmanship. Keep in mind that ANY rabbit breed will become more docile if it has frequent positive interactions with people. Mini Lops are generally more calm than dwarf breeds (Netherland Dwarves, Jersey Woolies, Holland Lops, etc) and they aren’t as large as the meat breeds (New Zealands, Californians, Flemish Giants…). They are just the right size and temperament, in my opinion. Breeders often refer to them as the “Golden Retriever of rabbit breeds.” That being said, if you don’t work with your rabbit regularly, it will probably be a little finicky, regardless of size or breed. All our rabbits are purebred and come with pedigrees. Our pet quality Mini Lops with little or no show potential will be sold for $30 or less, and will come with a baggy of food and some hay.

Transport: I will not ship my rabbits at this time. If you have family or friends close by, they could also be a method of transportation. I will deliver to shows I am attending, if space permits. Buyer is responsible for entry fees if they chose to show the animal. I will not be held responsible for animals that get sick, injured, or die in transport with someone else. Breeders who who offer to transport rabbits are generally reliable, especially if they do it often and have their own animals on board.

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Rant About “Show Quality:” Any breeder who reserves an unborn rabbit for you and guarantees “show quality” does not know what they are talking about, and they just want your money. Even if both parents are grand champions this DOES NOT mean that the babies will be “show quality” or grand champions. Producing an animal that follows the standard of perfection is about fitting all the genetic puzzle pieces just right, it isn’t about breeding a grand champion with a grand champion. There is very little you can tell about a young rabbit. Even the sex of the rabbit is difficult to determine before 8 weeks. Purchasing a young rabbit is taking a gamble on whether or not it will fill out and develop positive show traits, which may not happen regardless of the parents’ show records.

Disqualifications: I will examine rabbits sold as show animals before they leave my care, and will not sell a rabbit intended for showing with knowledge of a DQ. All rabbits will be healthy when they leave my care.

Illness: I do not sell sick animals, and I go to great lengths to keep my rabbits healthy and my rabbitry clean. Rabbits are sensitive animals and can easily get sick due to stress, which compromises their immune systems. That being said; the rabbits I raise have been hauled across state lines and exposed to all sorts of things at shows, and remained healthy. This proves that they have strong immune systems and high stress tolerance. They are not likely to get ill after leaving, but any rabbit can become sick if over exposed to illness or stressed more than they can handle. If a rabbit becomes sick after leaving my care, it is not because of me and I will not “take it back,” or give a refund. I will recommend veterinary attention and offer care advice. Feel free to contact me if you ever need any kind of assistance with your rabbit, I am happy to help.

Youth ARBA/4H discount: I am a sucker for youth breeders and 4Hers. I was one once. I am willing to offer very nice rabbits at discounted prices in order to get a youth involved in ARBA. I will sell any show rabbit for half off to a youth if you agree to show it at an ARBA show or join 4H and show it at your county fair. This discount does not apply to those who are already ARBA members and regularly attend shows.

Mini Lops Available:

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